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What is Transfer of Credit (TOC) in NIOS BOARD ?

If you have failed in 10th & 12th class from NIOS/ CBSE/ STATE BOARD . So you can apply for Nios admission. if you are 10th or 12th class failed students or having original marksheet of failed & compartment so you are eligible to take TOC in NIOS BOARD.

Now let’s talk about what is the TOC in NIOS. TOC stands for Transfer of Credit The facility of TOC is available only to those students who have passed on any recognized board of 10th or 12th or want to improvement their marks, but the students who should have passed at least one subject. The benefit of this facility will not be available to those students who have failed across all subjects in the 10th or 12th examination.

This feature is provided by NIOS in which you can transfer your marks. If you have not fired or marked well from any recognized board, then you can take admission in NIOS and take the facility of TOC. The facility of TOC is given for two subjects. Now suppose that you have failed in 4 subjects in the 10th or 12th exam. The marks of one or two  subjects will be transfer on the  your NIOS mark sheet and if you pass in all the subjects and you can’t take the facility of TOC for two subjects. You can apply for improvement exam.

The benefit of this facility will not be available to the students who have failed in 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 11th class or crossed five year after failing in 10th or 12th class.

A learner should seek Transfer of Credits (TOC) at the time of admission in the subjects which are included in NIOS scheme of studies.

The facility of TOC will be permissible under the following conditions:

  • The learner will have the option to get the credit transferred up to a maximum of two subjects from the parent Board, provided these subjects are passed with at least 33% marks in the last five years (i.e., passed during 2014 or later).
  • The credits will be given only in those subjects which are included in NIOS Scheme of Studies and the Scheme of Examination. TOC in the subjects having practicals at the Senior Secondary level will be allowed only when the candidate was pass in theory and practical separately.
  • The learner will have to provide the original Mark Sheet issued by the Parent Board. Laminated Mark sheet will not be accepted.

Re-admission of Ex-NIOS Learners

The learners of NIOS at Secondary/Senior Secondary level who have completed their validity period of five years of admission, but could not complete the course, are eligible to take Re-admission with NIOS. The credit of subjects passed (maximum of four subjects) in the previous admission will be transferred on submission of the original Mark sheet for seeking fresh admission, if these subjects are passed by the learners through NIOS during the last ten years (i.e., if passed during 2009 or later).